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DE Tax 2023

iCalculator™ DE Tax Section: Your Complete Video Guide

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Welcome to the Germany Tax Videos section of iCalculator™ DE. Join us as we walk you through the tax system in Germany. Our 7-part video series is designed to guide you through various aspects of taxation in Germany, making it easier for you to understand and manage your taxes.

Why Use iCalculator™ DE Tax Section?

iCalculator™ DE aims to make your life easier by offering a comprehensive suite of videos that break down all the complexities of the Germany tax system into digestible parts. Whether you're concerned about income tax, social security contributions, or Value Added Tax (VAT), we have you covered.

Tax Video Table of Contents

What will you discover in the Germany Tax videos?

Please find below an overview of the content covered in each of our Germany Tax Videos. The tax videos are provided to allow insight into specific aspects and requirements of each tax and filing requirement in Germany. We trust you will find these a useful support to the tax calculators we provide for Germany and welcome your feedback.

1. Germany Tax: Tax System Overview

This introductory video lays the groundwork for understanding the different tax structures in Germany, covering Income Tax, General Consumption Taxes, Property Tax, and Customs Duties and Fees.

2. Germany Tax: Personal Income Tax, Brackets, Deductions, and the Unique Tax Class System

In this episode, we take a deeper dive into Personal Income Tax in Germany, discussing the tax threshold, rates, deductions, and allowances.

3. Germany Tax: Tax Classes System

Discover the six tax classes in Germany, each tailored to specific personal situations like marital status, number of children, and employment status.

4. Germanys Tax: Tax Benefits & Special Provisions

These tailored benefits play a pivotal role in reducing financial burdens and supporting residents in various life situations.

5. Germany Tax: Church Tax & Solidarity Surcharge

Church Tax (Kirchensteuer) and the Solidarity Surcharge (Solidaritätszuschlag) are deeply rooted in Germany's history and societal values. We explore and exaplain these taxes and their pivotal role in Germany's broader fiscal landscape.

6. Germany Tax: VAT & Property Tax Explained

Value Added Tax (VAT) or "Umsatzsteuer" and the Property Tax (Grundsteuer) are both important in Germany's revenue generation and have direct implications for individuals and national/international corporations.

7. Germany Tax: A Step-by-Step Guide to Filing Taxes

In our final episode, we demystify the tax filing process in Germany, covering the basics, essential documents, and the advantages of online filing.

We hope this video series serves as a valuable resource for you, whether you're a seasoned taxpayer or new to the tax system in Germany. Feel free to explore each video to gain a comprehensive understanding of taxation in Germany.